Practice Overview

The offices of Hand Surgery Consultants provide comprehensive diagnoses and treatment of Hand and Upper Extremity Disorders. Numbness, weakness, pain, deformity and stiffness are all addressed and treated.  Non-operative techniques such as hand therapy, splinting, casting and steroid injections are used when applicable.  When necessary, operative techniques are employed.


Dr Steven Shoen is an experienced Hand Surgeon who has achieved expertise with all types of upper extremity disorders including traumatic injury, tumor management, birth defects, nerve compression such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and arthritis.  Leah Rubino is an experienced Hand Therapist skilled in the latest techniques used to rehabilitate the upper extremity.  To learn more about these two providers refer to the “Our Provider” tab on the menu above.


Hand Surgery Consultants has two office locations, one in the Edison area and a second in Monroe township.  The office accepts new patients.  Call to arrange an appointment.