Hand Therapy


Hand Therapy is a specialized form of Physical or Occupational Therapy focussing on rehabilitating the upper extremity.  Certified Hand Therapists must complete years of training in Hand Therapy and must pass examinations to obtain the necessary credentials for this field.  Therapists must become fully acquainted with the anatomy, movement and function of all structures at the upper extremity.  They must understand the effects of disease, trauma and scarring.  Hand Therapists are skilled in the fabrication of splints and other devices needed to augment hand function.


At our office Certified Hand Therapy is provided at our Metuchen location (bordering Edison).  The therapist, Leah Rubino, sees patients on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Ms. Rubino utilizes a multitude of modalities including, ultra sound and dynamic splinting to yield the best results for each patient.  She consults regularly with the patient’s Hand Surgeon by phone as well as through written reports.  To learn more about Leah Rubino click on her tab under the heading”Meet Our Providers”.  To schedule an appointment with our Hand Therapist call our office at 732-632-6090.