Tennis Elbow

What is Tennis Elbow?


Tennis Elbow, also known as Lateral Epicondylitis, is an inflammatory process involving the anchoring point of the wrist extending muscles at the elbow.  The condition presents with pain localized to the outside of the elbow joint.  Symptoms are worsened by activities requiring tight gripping or wrist extension.  The disorder is caused by relative weakness of the wrist extending muscles.


How is Tennis Elbow Diagnosed?


Tennis Elbow can typically be diagnosed through assessment of a patient’s pain history and performing a careful physical examination.  Rarely are x-rays, an MRI or other diagnostic tests necessary to diagnose the condition,


How is Tennis Elbow treated?


If left untreated Tennis Elbow pain can persist for weeks or even months, causing severe discomfort when the extremity is used, even for simple tasks , such as shaking hands.  Treatment for Tennis Elbow is typically non-operative.   Dr Steven Shoen provides patients with a home exercise program which is designed to strengthen the weak wrist extensors.  Exercises should only be started once inflammation has been reduced. A tennis elbow strap helps to anchor the wrists extensors to rest the muscle.  At times Dr. Shoen injects steroid medication into the area of inflammation to reduce swelling and pain.  If needed strengthening exercises are provided under the supervision of Dr. Shoen’s Hand Therapist, Leah Rubino.   In rare instances of frequent recurrence of Tennis Elbow a minor surgical procedure may be employed.  Schedule an appointment at one of our two office locations by calling 732-632-6090.