Skin Tumors







Skin tumors of the upper extremity may be benign or malignant.  As a Plastic Surgery trained Hand Surgeon Dr. Steven Shoen has extensive knowledge regarding the diagnosis and management of skin tumors.  Dr. Shoen sometimes employs Frozen Section Analysis or Mohs Micrographic Surgery to remove malignant growths while sparing normal tissue.  Reconstruction may take the form of skin grafting or flap closure.  With his plastic surgery training Dr. Shoen goes to great lengths to restore appearance and form to his patients, while respecting the principles of cancer surgery.


Dr Shoen has a close relationship with many of the Dermatologists(Skin Doctors) in the community who refer patients to his office for management.  For thirteen years Dr. Shoen has worked closely with the Melanoma/Soft Tissue Tumor Service at The Cancer Institute of New Jersey providing soft tissue reconstruction following skin tumor removal at the upper extremity. To learn more about soft tissue reconstruction following tumor removal at the upper extremity refer to Dr Shoen’s Plastic Surgery web site at .